Medical Industries & Solutions

As a global leader in the development and application of electrically conductive and thermal interface materials. Engineers and designers from every industry including aviation, telecommunications, medical devices, defense, commercial and consumer electronics choose SinoGuide for its strong product portfolio, which utilizes technology built on core competencies in material science and process technology.

At SinoGuide, we serve customers from the Automotive, Consumer & Industrial, Data Storage, Healthcare & Medical, Lifestyle and Retail & Office Productivity industries. With this diversification, we acquire knowledge from different industry needs in all Noise, Vibration and Heat challenges. Our multi-industry knowledge serves as a platform to create unique solutions for all of our customers. As demand for access to high-quality, accurate and precise Healthcare & Medical devices continues to grow and evolve, SinoGuide Technology is committed to offer innovative approach and solutions to our customers.

precise Healthcare & Medical devices

There are few more demanding or essential markets for reliable EMI and thermal management than the healthcare sector, and specifically how they are applied to sophisticated and often life-critical electronic medical devices.

Whether it’s an MRI and Ultrasound scanner within a hospital, an electronic device marketed direct to the consumer such as a blood glucose monitor or thermometer, or a device prescribed by a health professional such as a pacemaker or hearing aid, one criteria remains constant: reliability.

And it is not just in medical devices that our solutions can be found. Modern laboratory and process instrumentation also presents a unique formula of challenging electromechanical requirements – requirements that Sinoguide and its experienced teams of design engineers are well equipped to meet.

From EMI suppression to advanced temperature control using thermoelectric modules, we are committed to providing superior products that OEMs can depend upon, including the very latest wireless communications technologies. So let us work with you in designing the next generation of world-class healthcare and medical technologies, and showing you how our difference can help you make a difference in a demanding world.