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Our Research & Development team helps us make tomorrow possible

SinoGuide services virtually every industry with a need for thermal interface materials. We have produced and shipped products to nearly every continent on earth. Global leader in thermal management through technology, innovation and service. Be aggressive worldwide expansion with emphasis on unique technologies and advanced management philosophy.

SinoGuide will lead the electronics thermal management industry worldwide. We will be the company our customers partner with to solve their most demanding thermal challenges. Our business processes are designed for speed, technical innovation, global convenience and will reduce our customers time to market because we understand their needs and priorities.

Innovation Strategy

Innovation at Sinoguide means ideas that earn money. They can be products, solutions and services that set a benchmark – both in the world of technology and beyond. We have summed this up clearly in our Mission Statement: Sinoguide impresses with innovations that make real what matters. The application of a systematic innovation strategy helps us move forward.

Our Research & Development Center

Effective & Reliable Service Provider

By combining and delivering innovation, reliable fulfillment, and speed, we stay ahead of the competition and capture the mindshare of our customers who value our capabilities.

Strong R&D

It takes us over five million yuan to establish the powerful R&D team and sophiscated production lines to ensure the continuous improvement for our production and fulfill a SHORT lead time.

Diversified Product Portfolios

Wide Range of Thermal Interface Materials
Thermal Conductivity:
0.2 W/m.k
1.0 ~ 7.5 W/m.k

Very Effective & Reliable

With our extensive knowledge and experience in thermal management, effective thermal solutions can be offered promptly and directly via our technical support in 7/24.

Great Support

Our prominent service and quality help our clients proceed without any doubts and troubles and we help each other to be on a greater stage.


Thermal Management Solutions for Cooling Electronics

Today’s electronics are smaller and more powerful than ever, efficient heat transfer from the heat source to a cooling device is critical. Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs) are designed to fill in air gaps and microscopic irregularities, resulting in dramatically lower thermal resistance and thus better cooling.
SinoGuide’s Thermal team is committed to improving the overall reliability of electronic devices, focusing on widely range of thermal conductive materials design and manufacturing process. Our broad project portfolio and roots in advanced manufacturing result in cost-effective solutions while improving product functionality and quality.

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Quality Policy

Persist in Quality Control, Satisfy Customer Demands


Global Marketing

Our sales and applications engineering personnel assist with each step of the customer’s requirements, from product selection, design in, samples, production and inventory. We have no minimum order quantity, maintain worldwide inventories at our facilities and at our distributors. We commit to prompt response to all inquiries – within 24 hours !

Sinoguide Blog


Metal Photo Chemical Etching Process

We all know just how versatile the photo etching process can be, allowing us the opportunity to work on a variety of different materials and metals with highly accurate results and low levels of error. The use of chemicals to etch out a design or pattern in metals that are otherwise strong and durable is […]

Etching Stainless Steel in China

Acid Etched Stainless Steel in China; SinoGuide produce over 10 million components per annum for leading companies across multiple markets and process approximately 10 tonnes of raw material