Etching Stainless Steel in China

Etching Stainless Steel in China

Acid Etched Stainless Steel

A process where an acid is used to etch an image into stainless steel. A film with text or an image is applied to the material surface. The openings in the film allow the acid in a bath to penetrate and etch away the material leaving a perfect reproduction. The etched image is then filled with paint. This process is ideal for medium to large volumes and for applications where only stainless steel may be used thereby responding to the strictest engineering requirements. Standard nameplates are made using type 304 #4 and typically are .032” (.81mm or 22 gauge) and .062” (1.57mm or 16 gauge) thick. Other thicknesses and stainless steel types (#316) are available upon request.

Etched Stainless Steel Sheet

Etched Stainless Steel Sheets samples

Widely used across a range of high technology industries, Chemical Etching could be the answer to your precision metal part needs. Complex, stress-free, burr-free components can be produced from your ideas into reality in a matter of days.

Etching Manufacturing Process of Stainless Steel Sheet/Plate:

China Chemical Etching Stainless Steel Press Plate Supplier – SinoGuide

Raw materials are sending to hot rolling units for rolling into different sizes.
→Hot rolled material is annealing in cold rolled annealing furnace and pickling in acid.
→All mill rolls are grinded on precision grinding machine with proper chamfering after first shift operation.
→All sheets are pickled in different tanks and dried on brush roll machine before dispatched.
→These sheets are again annealing and are sent to straighten machine for straightening.
→Inspections are done at various stages. Keep proper control overall internal process via rolling, annealing and pickling by our experienced staff.

Stainless Steel Etching and Steel Etching

As with all metals, the etching process does not alter the properties of the selected steel grade, making it the preferred method of sheet metal machining when part integrity is critical.

Low set-up costs and rapid lead times make photo etching economical in batch sizes of one off to multiple millions.

SinoGuide produce over 10 million components per annum for leading companies across multiple markets and process approximately 100 tonnes of raw material, a large percentage of which is stainless steel.


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