Phase-change interface materials are characterized by the material’s change from solid to soft aggregate state at a pre-defined temperature – the so-called phase-change temperature. Phase change materials (PCM) are solid films at room temperature that melt or soften when the temperature rises to 40-70°C. PCM’s are composed of a mixture of wax-like binders, fine particles of ceramic fillers, and, optionally, a supporting substrate, such as aluminum foil or a woven glass mesh. When phase change occurs, the liquid-like materials fill the voids on the surfaces and reduce the thermal resistance. When the temperature drops, the materials maintain their shapes and form a solid joint between the two surfaces.

Products Features:

◇ TCPC series is solid at room temperature and is easy to handle during manufacturing, assembly.
◇TCPC materials will be soften when reach to 55℃ of operating temperatures and flows to give the high thermal performance typical of thermal grease.
◇Natural Tacky on both sides; Easy for assembly

Typical Properties of This Materials:


Typical Properties of Thermal Conductive Phase Change Materials
Properties Units TCPC300 TCPC500 Test Method
Construction & Composition Boron Nitride filled silicone elastomer Boron Nitride filled silicone elastomer
Color Grey Grey Visual
Thickness mm 0.127-0.25 0.12-0.5 ASTM D374
Density (g/cm) 2.3 2.5 ASTM D792
Temperature Range -40 to 130 EN344
Phase Change Temp 45-60 50-60
Breakdown Voltage KV/mm 6.0 <1.0 ASTM D150
Dielectric Constant 1MHZ 3.2 6.8 ASTM D150
Volume Impedance ohm-cm 1.0*1013 1.0*1013 ASTM D257
Flame Rating In compliance with V0 In compliance with V0 UL94
Thermal Conductivity W/m.k 3.0 5.0 ASTM D5470



Configurations Available:

Standard sheet: 460mm x 460mm , Custom configuration Available

The TCPC series thermal phase change materials comes in a convenient applicator bar which allows for neat, fast application to both heat sink and heat source. TCPC series is cost-effective and is applied in a thin film-like deposit that provides excellent heat transfer and low thermal resistance.

Typical Applications Include:


–Micro Processor Unit, Between electronic components such as Semiconductor, IC, CPU.MOS and heatsink.
–Led Lighting, LCD TV, Telecom device, Graphic Processor Unit
–Computer peripherals for CPU, Memory modules, Power Semiconductors
–Military Electronics, Digital/High Power CPU’s

Q1: Can I get free sample?

A1: Yes, SinoGuide is glad to offer free samples if you are a qualified and returning customer, however, if the sample is expensive, like large size , SinoGuide has to charge some basic cost of the sample. For the new customer, samples fee will be deducted from the initial bulk order.

Q2: Are you a factory or a trading company?

A2: We are the professional manufacturer of the thermal materials for over 10 years.

Q3 : How to ship the order?

A4: SinoGuide usually sends packages by air, which is fast. There are many good international couriers for options; DHL, UPS, FedEX, and EMS are the most popular. If a buyer has any DHL, UPS, FedEX account, we can ship the package under your account. For bulk order, SinoGuide usually ship by sea, a sea shipment will require much more Customs and shipping documentation than air shipment.

Q4: Is there promotion price for big buyer?

A4: Yes, if you are a big buyer in a certain area, SinoGuide will offer you a promotion price, which will help you to start our business there. Long term cooperation buyer will have better prices.

Q5: Does your product have any certificate?

A5:Yes, our product has ROHS, UL certificate.

Q6: Can I get the customized sample?

Q6: Yes, we can offer different thickness and different thermal conductivity for you.

If you do not have clear idea, you can inform us the product application and the power of your product, we can recommend right thermal pad for you.