Wide Range of Thermal Interface Materials

Thermal Conductive Materials are a secondary material installed between the heat sink and the device which are designed to improve the thermal transfer to the heat sink. Regardless of how flat or smooth the device and heat sink are, there will always be small air voids between the two surfaces. Since air is a not a great conductor of heat, a TIM replaces the air and fills the voids. There are many types of TIMs and each has its best case usages.

We understand that not always do our standard material constructions and thermal formulations meet a targeted specific device requirement. This is why we offer a range of custom material construction solutions using existing SinoGuide Technologies, modified formulations or die cut converting process to achieve a specific thermal objective or installation requirement.

Thermal Conductive Pad

High Performance Thermally Conductive gap filler pads from SinoGuide Technology. Ultra High Thermally Conductive Pads with Exceptional Dielectric Strength.

REACH, RoHS, UL Compliant;
SinoGuide Thermal Product Catalogue

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Thermal Gap Filler Pad, thermal pad

Thermal Interface grease/compounds/paste

Thermal Conductive Grease

Thermal grease paste is suitable for CPU heatsink or chip, and it is syringe design for easy operation. Feel free to browse our site or get in touch to discuss how our thermal management specialist can help you.

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Thermal Conductive Insulator

Thermally-Enhanced conductive insulator is a thermally conductive electrically insulating materials, are designed for a wide variety of applications which be required high performance of heat transfer and electrical isolation. Thermally conductive interface materials (Insulators) are applied to fill the air gaps between the heating elements.

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Double Sided Adhesive Thermal Heat Tape for SMD and Heat Sinks

Thermal Conductive Tape

All of our thermal conductive adhesive tape is used for bonding heat disspation fins to microprocessor or power consumption semiconductors, utlimate bonding strength with lower thermal resistance without mechanical fixing for assembly…
Bonding heat sinks onto power components, like microprocessor and semiconductors to eliminate fasteners.

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Phase Change Gel Materials (PCM)

Improves heat transfer between a CPU/chipset and heatsink with easy-to-use phase change materials; Phase-change interface materials are characterized by the material’s change from solid to soft aggregate state at a pre-defined temperature – the so-called phase-change temperature.

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Phase Change Gel Materials PCM
silicone free thermal pad

Silicone-Free Thermal Pad

SinoGuide brand Ultra-soft non-silicone thermal pad, silicone-free thermal conductive gap filling pad; we offers a variety of silicone-free thermal pads, with professional thermal management solutions.

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Pre-cured Thermal Putty Pad

The superior comfomability of TCP600-PTY offers excellent compliancy to any irregular gaps and mating surfaces. The material has a very softness with a extremely low compression set.

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Pre-cured Thermal Putty